Phuket most popular beachfront 5-star resort venue for Indian weddings in 2022

Angsana Laguna Phuket is the most popular 5-start beachfront resort for Indian Weddings in Phuket, find out why & more

To plan and host the successful and memorable destination Indian wedding in Phuket, selecting the right wedding venue is the most critical factor among all things.

The element beyond the hardware like landscape, location and venues for different functions is

Top management mindset toward hosting Indian wedding because to have the successful event weddings, we need the good strategy which having good strategy is having the supportive mindset of top management, source of power.

If you feel during site inspection that there is no positive support for hosting your marriage in particular venue, better run away from it if you have a choice but if there is no choice better very prepared.

So if there is a chance to meet top management during site inspection, you may try asking below questions in order to get mood & tone of the management mindset toward having your big day at the resort.

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1. How does your team manage all of the demands that come with this special event ?

Firstly, it is all about the right attitude and mindset toward Indian weddings.
When our experience curve is high, and higher on the go. We see their requests and demands. Many of them can be foreseen so we are very well prepared.

2. How important are these business to the hotel?

The business is accountable for our 30-35 % of total group segment revenue. We have a team of specialized team to manage from selling to execution.
The person, who closed contracts, will be the person who continues operating it.
There is no handover from sales to events team in similarity to corporate events.
So, couples will not feel that their important moment is handed-over to someone else they never meet before.

Mehendi Lunch at Poolside Garden by the Lagoon, caters up to 500 Guests in Banquet Setup Style
Angsana Laguna Phuket
Decoration by Oriental Events Phuket

3. What are some of the most difficult challenges you’ve had to deal with? How did you manage to deliver ?

The biggest challenge for hosting Indian big day is that the event likely to take over the entire hotel with functions organized during the day like a small version of festival.
Many functions are loud events that equipped with powerful sound system. So, find the right balance between keeping a party entertained and relaxing time of other in-house guests is the biggest challenge.

4. How many Indian weddings has your hotel hosted, and how big did they get?

We have hosted on average 8-10 events per year with average size of 200-300 guests, so since the re-opening in 2013 we have done 70 Indian weddings which is considered the most in Phuket during the past 7 years in terms of both number of events and number of guests per time.

Reception Dinner at ACES, Angsana Indoor Event Space (1,500 sq.m.) caters up to 800 Guests in Banquet Setup Style
Decoration by Wizkim, Phuket-based Planner
Photo by Phuket-based Photographer Phuket Best Photo & Cinema

5. What was the biggest Indian wedding you’ve hosted so far?
How did you manage to pull it off?

We did in 2017 back to back of 700-guest events with brought-in own caterers from India. The only way we did to pull it off is strong planning and commutations among all parties with over 150 crews working for them. There were series of meeting in person for over the phone held during 3 months of pre event planning process to understand each party requirement as well as them to understand any limitations onsite. So, understanding and supporting each other was the key to successful moment.

Pool Party at Xana Beachfront, caters up to 800 Guests in Banquet Setup Style
Angsana Laguna Phuket

6. What surprised you most the first time you hosted this special happening? How do you feel your hotel has progressed since then?

Once we received the rooming lists of 500 guests 3 days prior to the main arrival date which the list did not mention who will be stay with whom, and in which room category and that period hotel was full as well. This was happened 6 years ago, but as we are progressing we have educated clients more how to plan and communicated requirements in advance. Clients are informed what special benefits / advantages they could get by doing that i.e., room allocation, etc. Now, we can get initial room list 2 weeks in advance.

7. What are some of the strangest requests you’ve had from the bride or groom?

To have the Mandap set up in the middle of the 20-meter depth Lagoon.
However, due to safety and security, this idea has not been put up in reality.

Reception Dinner at ACES, Angsana Indoor Event Space (1,500 sq.m.) caters up to 800 Guests in Banquet Setup Style
ACES, Angsana Convention and Exhibition Space

8. What types of wedding groups have you hosted so far?

We have been hosting theses events for NRI (Non-Indian-Residence) up at 70% of our total destination Indian wedding portfolio at the average size of 200-300 guests. The major countries of residence are Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, UK, African countries i.e., Kenya, Tansania and USA.

9. Do you allow buy-outs at your hotel?

Yes, we do allow buy-outs should it meet the minimum criteria required as well with the practical timeline. However, there are certain periods which “buy-outs” are needed to be booked a bit in advance especially during high season in Phuket starts from November – March. From 20th December – 15th January is the blacked-out period for buy-outs.

Wedding Reception Dinner at Xana Beach Club (Xana Lawn), Angsana Laguna Phuket
Decoration by Wizkim, Phuket-based Planner
Photo by Phuket-based Photographer Phuket Best Photo & Cinema

10. Why do Indian couples choose your hotel as opposed to the competitors in your particular area?

Location, Food and People. We are located in the beautiful garden and beach front area with a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces for the Sangeet, Mehendi, Pool Party, Sundowner and most of them all stunning sunset wedding ceremony where offering couples with East facing Mandap with sunset background. Now we have the new 1,500 sq. m. aircon, sound prove and embedded kitchen event space located on site – this will make us the perfect venue for all sizes of events from 100 guests – 1,500 guests.

11. Do you have any absolute no-nos at your hotel regarding event arrangements ?

We are highly capable to accommodate unique requests from each wedding but what will be absolute no-nos are anything goes against the law and local government regulations as well as compromising hotel safety and security standards.

FAQ Indian Weddings in Phuket

What are Indian wedding friendly hotels in Phuket ?

1. Angsana Laguna Phuket
2. JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa
3. Pullman Naitorn Beach Resort
4. Banyan Tree Phuket
5. Westin Sirey Bay
6. Thavorn Beach Village Resort
7. Splash Beach Resort

What is the largest size of Indian wedding Phuket can host ?

Phuket used to host the largest size of Indian wedding of 1,500 guests at Splash Beach Resort

Photos, functions that organized at Angsana Laguna Phuket, Island within the Island
Below are the sample location spots within Angsana Laguna Phuket on how you can host your Indian wedding.

indian weddings planner angsana laguna phuket ddy 1
Angsana Laguna Phuket, 400+ room-key 5-Star Beachfront Resort, Island within the Island
The Phuket Most Indian Wedding Friendly Resort for all Sizes from 80 – 800 guests
The resort feature multiple outdoor venues including tropical garden, stunning beachfront, pool by the beach for pool party, beachfront location for mandap with sunset background and large indoor venue for Sangeet & reception dinner
indian wedding in phuket wedding mandap on beach angsana 1
Photo by Phuket-based Photographer Phuket Best Photo & Cinema