How to plan your Indian wedding in Phuket

Wedding planner guide that help you start planning your Indian wedding in Phuket by yourself that inspired by Khun Karan & Khun Jayshal real wedding at Angsana Laguna Phuket in 2022.

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How did you met the groom to be and how he made you said I Do ?

I met the groom to be when I was looking for a cinematographer to capture our dance videos for our newly found dance company. 

We were friends at first until one evening we hugged goodbye. The hug felt like one we both didn’t want to end and the rest is history. 

He very cutely planned a romantic surprise at our fav beach in Sydney (Balmoral Beach) and had our nearest and dearest hiding away while he popped the question.

Sangeet Sundowner on Beach in Phuket

I love Krabi and thought we could try there. However when we looked at where our guests were coming from Phuket made much better sense logistically. We then reached out to a friend to ask for some advice on best way putting a wedding together in Thailand who strong recommended Angsana. We had never been there before and never got the luxury of visiting due to Covid. But when we looked at the photos it was magnificent. The team at Angsana were recommended highly and when we finally had the opportunity to meet Khun Pom – it was a no brainer that we wanted to work with him and immediately had trust instilled.

Angsana Laguna Phuket Drone Shot in 2022 - Ideal Wedding Venue for Indian Wedding in Phuket

How did you actually start putting together the wedding?

We knew the skeleton of the wedding when we started doing research but there were of course lots of unknowns too. We had lots of conversations with Khun Pom in starting to form the structure- googling ideas and way to execute this. The first important thing was choosing a venue and a date so we could start inviting our guests. The venue we wanted to lock in asap knowing that there would be a domino effect with everyone having to change their wedding dates from Covid.

How did you actually start putting together the wedding?

I live my life through excel so we had a list and had many columns ticking that invites were sent and another for attending and another for declining. Khun Karan created the invite with his creative flair which was a little video highlighting the magic that would be experienced at Angsana.

How did you make the budget as it was the first time?

I had line items on my budget tracker which married the Angsana contract. Then line items per function to marry the AV and decor contract. Lastly line items for miscellaneous like flights, hair and make up, mehndi artist and dhol player it was rigorously updated to ensure we were on track. 

how you manage getting wedding dress and any tips knowledge you would like to pass on ?

I actually did something a little unique.

I wore my sisters wedding outfit. I only draped it differently so that it looked differently when she wore it.

But my advice would be : if you don’t have a local store that sells these type of dresses or ones you like – India has become amazing at virtual meetings. You can ask for a FaceTime and they can take you through everything including helping you out with measurements.

The outfit I wore for Sangeet I chose on Instagram. I think contacted store and I did measurements via FaceTime with them on call. Then they shared pics of outfit before delivery.

You need to be very transparent on budget and share pics beforehand.

Shops that are popular among bride ;

  • Yup 
  • Preeti Sahini 
  • Paaneris 
  • Four Seasons 

What was the most challenging part of planning your wedding ?

Being remote and trying to visualize a wedding without actually having seen the venue or meet the team in person. 

The fear of not having the expectation met because of not physically being able to see the place. Trying to remember everything so you don’t run into any challenges. Completely out of our control is of course the weather but we had back ups for everything.  

What if you could go back in time, what you could avoid or do it better ?

 If I could go back in time I would make more time to eat the great food. 

Everything was a fairytale. 

Someone you would like to thanks making your big day meaningful and memorable ?

We would thank so many people as it could never have been as perfect as it was without these individuals. 

The team at Angsana under the guidance of Khun Slisa & Khun Pom. Chef Pravin as not a day went by where his food wasn’t praised. The waiters and waitresses who stayed up at night to answer any questions we had. The resort venues that always made it possible for us (Baan Talay, Bodega Grill, Xana Beach, The ballroom, Marketplace, Atoll). Khun Oa, Khun Don and the media team – never have I met such an amazing, calm and entertaining media team the absolute kindest and best. The reservations and front desk team- very kind and accommodating always with a smile. 

Mehndi team – Anita Maheshwari, make up team: makeover by sejal, Adi dhol player. Khun Pom & Khun Slisa the dream team that remain calm, give you great ideas but will go above and beyond. 

Lastly, our parents, families, and friends that came, celebrated, and helped. We are truly blessed.

Venue for each Indian Wedding Function at Angsana Laguna Phuket

Indian Wedding Venue Plan for Indian Wedding in Phuket at Angsana Laguna Phuket

About Angsana

Angsana Laguna Phuket is the only MICE resort in Phuket that awarded by all major standard MICE venue certifications of TMVS (Thailand MICE Venue Standard), AMVS (ASEAN MICE Venue Standard) and TSEM (Thailand Sustainability Event Management).

Angsana Laguna Phuket (the Island within the Island)is also the largest MICE venue in Phuket in term of total usage space with direct access to beachfront space that can hold the event up to 5,000 guests. The resort has great caliber with large scale catering as well.

The resort has 400+ room keys including 170+ entry category room types with 44+ Two Bedroom Suite including Beachfront Pool Villas for VIPs.

The resort has the largest residential event venue on the island. 

ACES – Angsana Convention and Exhibition Space with the size of 1,500 sq.m. accompanied with 10 breakout rooms. Parking space within hotel area can accommodate up to 100 cars in on time with supplement car park space in Laguna Phuket with free shuttle bus service to/from the resort.

Proximity wise, the resort is located in the middle of the island with 30 minutes from Airport, 30 minutes from Patong and 30 minutes to Phuket town making it very convinient in logisticss of large groups from airport and to diffent marias around Phuket in case you need to incorporate island program like Phi Phi or James Bond Island in to your corporate meeting & incentive travel program.

By far the resort offer most flexible and competitive room and catering rates to all group segments in the market with readiness to discuss with you in order to make sure that you have highest return on investment when hosting groups and events here at the resort.

All makes the resort perfect for all types of Meeting, Convention and Incentive Travel groups including Destination Weddings including Indian Weddings in Phuket from the size of 10 guests to 5,000 guests.

Group Hospitality Lounge

Angsana is the only place that offer dedicated air-con check-in area for group in Phuket. The venue is equipped with fully functional check-in & out terminal that can issue key cards to guests. 

Angsana Laguna Phuket Group Hospitality Lounge Floor Plan

Angsana Ballroom

Size and Capacity - Angsana Ballroom
Angsana Ballroom
358 sq.m.
6 m.
250 Pax
400 Pax
Angsana Laguna Phuket Ballroom Floor Plan
Indian Wedding Function Type - Angsana Ballroom

Sangeet Dinner up to 350+ guests with dance floor. The room size is 13.5 m in width by 26.5 m. in length with ceiling hieght.

You may feel that the room is undersized for a group over 250 guests but we did Sangeet dinner here few times for a group size of 300 + the reason is the set up for Sangeet dinner is usually be mixed of round tables, chairs in theater style with a bar set up inside at the back of the room with medium size dance floor (with average size of 3.6 m x 3.6 m). No all guests normally need seating at the same time.  

Buffet lines and live food stations are set up at the foyer (a foyer size is about 150 sq.m.).

Noise Restrictions : The hotel allows a nigth event including dinner and after party to continue in the Ballroom till 4-5 am in the morning

The Ballroom is located near Suite & Duplex Two Bedroom Units, so it is recommended that a host take few rooms over there for families as well as number of starndard room (Laguna Room) near the Ballroom in order to minimize complaints during the night and to have a party go on smoothly without interuption.

Angsana Ballroom for Sangeet Dinner
Angsan Ballroom for Sangeet Dinner

After Dinner Party at Angsana Ballroom, apart from hosting Sangeet Dinner at Angsana Ballroom, the venue is usually used for after dinner party in the event that your dinner is outdoor like at the beachfront area which allows you to continue at the maximum till midnight. 

So, after mid night you will need to move into Angsana Ballroom for you after party which can go on till 4-5 am. 

The venue is large enough to cater an after party event of any sizes eventhough its size is generally ranges between 50-100 guests, mostly for youngsters.

Angsana Ballroom - After Dinner Party

Wedding Reception at Angsana Ballroom, the venue is sometimes considered as the indoor wedding reception dinner for the wedding group size maximum of 200 guests because at this event all guests shall be seated not like a Sangeet dinner.  

The venue can fit up to 20 round tables with a bar set up inside and with either stage size of 7.2 m. by 3.6 m.  or dance floor size between 3.6 m. – 4.8 m. by 3.6 m. – 4.8 m. 

You cannot have both stage and dance floor together for hosting 200-guests sit down dinner at this wedding reception venue.

The good thing is you can continue your after dinner party in this room without having to move in after midnight (24.00 Hrs.).

Angsana Ballroom - Wedding Reception Dinner

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Poolside Garden

Size and Capacity
Poolside Garden
500 sq.m.
250 Pax
400 Pax
Indian Wedding Function Type - Poolside Garden for Dinner

Poolside Garden can be use as the venue for welcome dinner as it is at the center of the resort which is convienient for guests who arrive on day one. 

You can also consider this area for wedding reception dinner, if you like to have a night end not so late as guests may check-out early next day.

Majority of guestrooms will be located around and not so far from Poolside Garden.

Noise Restrictions : The hotel allows a wedding party to be hosted  here till 10.30 PM with noise control more than the beachside as it is at the center of the resort. Loud music and DJ event style in the night is not recommended.  The decibel control here not over 80 dB till 10.00 PM and volume to be lower down after 10.00 PM with bass speakers at the minimum.

So, going with traiditional Thai style or low key event would be suitable choice here.

Angsana Laguna Phuket Poolside Garden - Dinner with Stunning Sunset and Lagoon Backdrop
Poolside Garden Setup in Elegant Thai Style

Xana Beach Club

Largest stunning beachfront area that you can host Indian weddings up to 500 guests
(the area is actually larger than 500-guest weddings if your event is for 800 – 1,000 guests the area itself can also accommodate but so far there is no / not yet destination weddings hosts here than 500 guests.

Xana is a paradise for organizing any kinds of events and weddings you can do Welcome Dinner, Pool Party, Sundonwer, Sangeet, Wedding Mandap Pheras,  and Reception Dinner.

Recently in mid of 2020, the hotel has made
significant landscape upgrade for Xana area by adding coconut trees, pathway to clearly section off hotel area and public beach and pave grass to make the beachfront lawn, when you enter to Xana it will be at your right handside. 

It made this area
the largest lawn area with Andaman sea backdrop in Phuket for all kind of events size up to 500 guests.

Xana is separated into 3 main sections which are Xana Pool & Beachfront, Azura (the middle part, it used to name Xana Restaurant) and Xana Lawn & Lagoon Deck.

Size and Capacity
Xana Beach Club
3,500 sq.m.
1,200 Pax
3,500 Pax
Xana Beach Club Floor Plan, Angsana Laguna Phuket
Xana Beach Club of Angsana Laguna Phuket, Largest Private Beachfront Space in Phuket for Events and Weddings . Drone Shot took in July 2022
Indian Wedding Function Type - Xana Beach Club for Pool Party

Pool Party can be hosted at the sub-area call Xana Pool and Beachfront. The party generally starts from 12 PM – 4 PM or 4.30 PM. 

Not matter that you have 2-day wedding or 3-day wedding. If your wedding is 2-day wedding you can do on day 1 of arrival here. It is also a good idea in case flights arrive in the early morning then not all rooms will be available ready to check-in so you can occupy guests’ waiting by time by hosting the pool party event here.

Best food theme for pool party is street food which you can choose pure Thai street food theme or international street food theme. Food served in grab & go and standing style, it allows guests to move around enjoying its party vibes.

Noise Restrictions : Since pool party here will happen during the day time, noise seems not to be serious issue but highly recommended that you set-up speakers in the way it faces into ocean (West direction) not into the hotel direction (East). So, you can continue party with DJ with lesser compromise with sound issues. 

Pool Party at Xana Pool, Angsana Laguna Phuket
Indian Wedding Function Type - Xana Beach Club for Wedding for Wedding Ceremony or Mandap or Pheras

The specific area with in Xana Beach Club  that is used to host wedding ceremony or Pheras is called Xana Beachfront which is the area on the beach in front of Xana Pool.

The are on the sand and under the canvas roof  itself can fit up to 500 guests in theater seating style.

This is the highlight of the venue of Angsana Laguna Phuket, Wedding Mandap to be setup facing into hotel direction (facing East) leaving the backdrop as the Andaman sea with stunning sunset. Having the ceremony here, the couple will face into East direction – which is PERFECT !!. 

Noise Restrictions : Normally sound system for the wedding ceremony is small set for example 4 x Mid-Hi speakers with 2 wireless microphones. So, there is no issue with the noise restrictions here. 

Wedding Mandap on the Beach with Stunning Andaman Sea with Sunset Background
Atoll Laguna Phuket, New Event Venue on the Lagoon in the Heart of Laguna Phuket

FAQ Indian Weddings in Phuket

The cost person should be around THB 16,500 – 22,500 per person for a good Indian wedding in Phuket that covers accommodation for 3 nights (stay 2 persons in one room), 3 lunches, 3 dinners, soft drinks during lunch & dinner, decoration with sound & lighting for main events of Welcome Dinner, Pool Party, Sangeet Dinner, Haldi, Pheara (Mandap Wedding Ceremony), Wedding Reception Dinner, Local Good DJ for 3 Days.

The calculation per person based on 100-guest wedding. 

The wedding planner that specialized on Indian weddings that based in Phuket ;

Check this blog first if you really need a wedding planner

Full-service Planner Service, suitable if you have large budget. 

  • Wizkim Wedding
  • Bliss Events Thailand

Limited-service Planner Service, suitable if you have small – medium budget that certain elements of planning are done you the wedding couple with support on ground from the wedding planner.

  • DDY Events & Weddings

Up to 95 % of wedding vendors can be sourced in Phuket.

As of 2020 this year so far, below vendors are still not available in Phuket.

  • Dhol
  • Priest for Hindu Wedding Ceremony
  • Indian speaking hospitality staff 

Most of Indian-wedding friendly hotels have own Indian Chefs, so there is almost no issue with catering Indian food on for a wedding. Some hotels allow guests to bring external caterers from outside when purchased 50 % from the hotel.

Size up to 500 guests;

  • Angsana Laguna Phuket

Size up to 300 guests;

  • JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa

Size up to 200 guests;

  • Westin Sirey Bay
  • Pullman Naitorn Beach

Size up to 70 guests;

  • Thavorn Beach Village 

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