Do you really need a wedding planner in Phuket ?

Wedding planner guide on planning your wedding in Phuket, Thailand with checklist to answer if you do need a wedding planner for your wedding in Phuket ?

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The secret to a successful—and stress-free—wedding is hiring the right key persons.

No matter how much you plan to do yourself or how skilled your friends are, you will need a team of professionals to help you execute your big day. We’re talking about the vendors: wedding planners, cake bakers, caterers, florists, photographers, bandleaders and DJs, videographers, lighting designers, and more.


Checklists if you really need a wedding planner in Phuket

Are you short of time because of work, family affairs and any other tasks ?
Are you good at paperwork and planning a budget ?
Are you planning for a destination wedding like in Phuket ?
Does you wedding take place within less than 1 year ?
Do you have a limited budget ?
Do you have clear vision how you wedding will look like ?
Do you have over 150 guests ?
Are you wedding going be a complicated one ?
You cannot handle drama in the family well if there will be conflicts ?

- More Yes then you need a full-time wedding planner.

- Mix of Yes and No, then you need a part-time wedding planner.

If - More of No, then you need a onsite-wedding coordinator.


Full-time vs. Part-time WP (Wedding Planner) vs. onsite-wedding coordinator in Phuket

Full-time WP or Full Service

What can you be offered ?

  • Create wedding master plan that connect all details from planning to delivery your memorable big day.
  •  Set up realistic budget.
  • Prospect and select the best location and wedding venue in the destination for you taking wedding sizes, budget and vision into account.
  • Find right vendors with right your budget including florists, photographers, videographers, caterers, cake makers, make-up artists, bands, JDs, sound & lighting operators, shows & entertainers. ground transfers (airport-hotel).
  • Negotiate and review contracts with vendors.
  • Participate in food tasting, making recommendation on right menus & its service styles.
  • Conduct site venue visit with or without you prior to booking. If you have go with the person who are based within a destination, this will save your money & time of not needing to come for a site visit. 
  • Create wedding day timeline, what are to be done and by whom on your big day. 
  • Design and handle RSVPs  of guests from registration, on-going updates a long the way, and final booking summary to concern parties like wedding venue for example, a resort. 
  • Managing wedding day including reconfirmation details with vendors, supervising vendors from set-up to dismantling stage, comfort and manage expectation & emotion of wedding couples, families and friends, management of risks (like weather), making decision on back-up plan for outdoor functions like ceremony, reception dinner and etc.
  • Being spoke person between all parties including families, friends, vendors, and venue.
  • Assist you with honeymoon trips (sometimes).

Part-time WP or Limited Service or Plan Together

They offer similar services  above but on selective basis which are mostly covered ;

  • Help you review if your budget is realistic to your vision of the big day.
  • Recommend and/or screen vendors whom you might find it by yourself.
  • Help review vendors’ paperwork.
  • Craft vision of the day with you to fit with what are available at the destination wedding with your set budget.
  • Create wedding day run-of-show.
  • Coordinate and supervisor with vendors on-site on the day.

Onsite Coordinator

They will be present on the day for ;

  • Create wedding day run-of-show together with you.
  • Coordinate and supervisor with vendors on-site on the day.
  • Make sure logistics (movement of people, services, and things like decorations) of the day are flown smoothly.

How much does a planner in Phuket cost ?

There are 3 ways are generally used as a planning or coordinating fee.
They are applicable for Western (white) wedding and Indian wedding style in Phuket.

Flat Fee

This fee should include the service from planning to delivering. It is one lump sum amount. It vary from one provider to another you may contact each individual to find out. It is based on scope of work, number of guests, number of event functions, complication set-up and decoration.  

Budget Saving Tips - Flat Fee

Many of planners in Phuket has some service in-house especially rentals, florist services, and decoration props. If you choose to go with their in-house inventory, this may help you to reduce this flat planning fee.

Daily Fee

This type of cost is generally applied with onsite coordinator services, which for Phuket you may set the cost between Thai Baht 8,500 – 12,000 per day depends on experience of a coordinator with the coverage of 9 hours including lunch break. 

Percentage to Total Budget

It is generally changed between 10-20 % of total budget. So, if you budget is Thai Baht (THB) 1,000,000.- so the fee will be THB 1,000,000. 

Budget Saving Tips - Percentage to Total Budget

When calculating based on percentage to a total budget, please be clear with a provider if it will include venue (rooms and catering) as this cost is generally a big portion in a total budget. You may exclude this amount from the calculation if you want to handle this directly with a hotel / a resort. 

Most of resorts in Phuket has a dedicated wedding manager to assist you with what you have to do with a venue, mainly rooms and catering part .


Do wedding venues in Phuket provide full planning service ?

Resorts in Phuket do not provide full service scheme but a part from providing accommodation and food & beverage, they do also provide additional offers as one stop service to the couples. This is suitable for couples who ;

  • Have some knowledge on arranging marriage with clear vision in mind.
  • Be able manage RSVPs by themselves.
  • Have time after work or on weekend to spend on this matter.
  • Be able make smart decision with budget spending more on wedding elements. 

How much is a wedding package in Phuket cost ?

Wedding packages in Phuket are provided by resorts with rate between Thai Baht 75,000 to 190,000. Some wedding resorts also provide venue rental usage only which a couple can bring in floral & decoration for ceremony as well as other elements like beautiful chairs, photographers, celebrants, etc. from outside. You may search those services from DDY.

What are generally included in a Phuket wedding package ?

  • Use of venue which can be at lawn, a lawn with ocean background, right on the beach, beachfront area, area over swimming pool with ocean background, and chapel.
  • Celebrant, the person who conduct the ceremony.
  • Floral decoration at a ceremony.
  • Bridal bouquet and corsage from a groom.
  • A bottle of sparkling wine for tasting after the ceremony.
  • A wedding certificate.
  • Sound system during a ceremony. 
  • A wedding manager / coordinator.

Other service inclusions that may or may not be part of a standard wedding package from a resorts in Phuket are ;

  • Photographer and/or videographer during ceremony (appx. 2-5 hours of service)
  • Wedding cake, generally be 2-3-tier cake 
  • Airport – hotel transfer for a couple 
  • Bridal make-up and hairdressing 
  • In-room honeymoon decor on a wedding day, a resort will do floral decoration of your room.
  • Complimentary room night stay on your wedding day.
  • Breakfast to be served on a next day in your room.
  • Spa massage for a couple during the stay for one time.

Suggestion on Phuket wedding venues in 2022-2023

Looking from the perspectives of professional wedding planner who have been working with almost 15 years, below are my choice;

I am updating this section on monthly basis to give you most up to date information.

Naiyang Area (10-15 mins from airport)

Maikhao Area (15-20 mins from airport)

Naitorn Area (15-20 mins from airport)

Laguna (Bangtao) Area (25-30 mins from airport)

Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket
Saii Laguna Phuket

Surin Beach Area (30-40 mins from airport)

The Surin

Kamala Beach Area (40-45 mins from airport)

Patong Beach Area (45-60 mins from airport)

Kata Beach Area (45-60 mins from airport)

Phuket Town Area (45-60 mins from airport)

Phuket Town Area (45-60 mins from airport)

Free service request for proposal

We understand that for the first time, it seems to be plenty of information that may overwhelm you.

To begin with planning, feel free to contact us so we can help you request for wedding package proposal from venues in Phuket. 

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