How to do legal wedding marriage registration in Phuket, Thailand

We understand that couples are quite often entering a foreign country for the first time and for those would prefer to do legal wedding registration in Phuket, Thailand that are recognized in both Thai and home country seems to be quite complicated.

The good news is you can actually do it by yourself by following below 5 steps.


Make an affirmation of freedom to marry at the Embassy (each guest country) in Bangkok.
Guest must go in-person to make this affirmation.

Document to be provided to Embassy: the original passport as proof of identity and evidence that any previous marriages have been terminated (death certificate or divorce certificate (s) as appropriate).

The Embassy will issue the affirmation form to be filled in the guest and it must be signed by Consular official.


– The guest bring the affirmation form to translation company to be translated into Thai
(Attached a copy of passport and divorce certificate (if applicable)).

* At this point some translation companies will ensure that the translated affirmation is signed and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and will offer to send the completed paperwork to the hotel in
Phuket. However, please check for this service with the translation company you use. *

Have the affirmation authenticated and translation certified.

The company will submit the Thai affirmation to Ministry of Foreign Affairs for official signature and stamp certificate.

(The official will spend 3 business days to approve all documents)

The company will mail the affirmation and translation to the hotel, or guest can pick it up personally from the translation company.

Upon receipt of the completed paperwork, the hotel will submit all to the Thai registrar in Phuket.

The registrar will register the marriage and issue a Thai marriage certificate at your wedding venue in Phuket.

*Please note that there will be the cost that vary from resort to resort about this service, you may check with resort wedding planner. *

Have the Thai marriage certificate translated into English and certificated.

The guest bring the Thai marriage certificate to company for translate into English.

The company submits the English certificate translated to Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be signed and stamp certificate.

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