Great Guide How to Fly Drone in Phuket, Thailand for Weddings & Events

Practically, there is not enough time for you to get permit (you can apply for), if you are a photographer or a videographer from aboard who like fly drone in Phuket during a client weddings or events
the approval authority requires your passport with a copy of entry stamp upon application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fly drone correctly in Phuket, Thailand for weddings and events

Yes, you need the permit to fly drone from Thailand authority, The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand or CAAT.

You need to do 2 registrations.

Step 1.
Register with National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), drone frequency.

Step 2.
After there is a prove of registration with NBTC, you need to register with the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT), drone pilotting / flying.

At the moment there is not possible to do it before arriving in Thailand.

One of important document that you need to use in applying is a copy of your passport with Thailand entry stamp.

So, it is not possible to obtain it while still out of Thailand.

It is very hard to say, but minimum up to 30 days. 

So, if you arrive to the country just a couple day before a wedding or event day.

You need a great luck to get it on time.

You can create the account here

You can create the account here

You also have to provide self declaration form, click here to download. Photo of your drone with serial numbers and drone insurance.

Most importantly, a copy of your passport with Thailand entry stamp that you can only get upon arrival in Thailand.

The hotel will not allow you to fly drone without permit.

If you are charged for flying drone without permit, it will be up to 5 years in prision with THB 100,000 fine.

Most hotel and event & wedding venues in Phuket do ask for the permit license from a photographer who will fly drone within a property that has 3rd party liability insurance up to THB 1 Million.

You also need to inform a hotel your flying schedule, it should be only around a venue that host your event or wedding.

  1. Keep distance min. 5 kilometers from the airport.
  2. Fly during the daylight time.
  3. Fly with max altitude of 90 meters height from the ground.
  4. Keep distance of min. 50 meters to people, building or trees.

As far as to my knowledge below resorts definitely not be able to fly drone

  • The Slate Phuket
  • Splash Beach Resort

Drone permits last for 2 years.

The good drone photographer / pilot in Phuket charge about THB 9,000 – THB 10,000 for half day and THB 12,000 for full day service. All depends on detailed scope of work.

Free service request for proposal

We understand that for the first time, it seems to be plenty of information that may overwhelm you.

To begin with planning, feel free to contact us so we can help you request for wedding package proposal from venues in Phuket. 

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